About Us

Ronnie’s Original Jumbo Seeds is a roasting and packaging enterprise that was started  in 1994 by a young Manitoban sunflower producer. Ron’s interest for these tasty treats started at a young age. He grew up on a farm where sunflowers were the main special crop that was produced every year. At the age of 26,  he combined his love of sunflower seeds with his passion to see locally grown crops get value added and manufactured the first bag of Ronnie’s Seeds in a small shop right on his yard.

Mr Jumbo himself

Fast forward 20 years  and Ronnie’s is still producing these local favourite snacks right from his country yard. Through a careful selection and cleaning process, Ronnie’s present superior tasting higher quality, larger JUMBO sunflower seeds. These  home grown seeds are roasted to perfection with personal expertise.

Arial yard June 13